Dreams of Empire

loveable indiepop band from Brighton

new single coming – 26 april

we’re launching our fourth single on 26 april. it’s called northern lights and it’s everything dreams of empire are about – jane’s dreamy vocals against andrew’s crashing guitar backdrop. it’s a song about life’s unknowns…

band names we nearly used

when we started Dreams of Empire in summer 2018 we had a list of possible names. i just stumbled across this list and thought i’d share it

goodbye attic, hello world

we squeezed out three singles in the last three months, which was exhilarating, educating and taught us that maybe we should slow down a bit. so here’s the plan…

listen to the swarm

we released swarm in february, it was our third single in 3 months, you can listen to it here

dreams of website

well this is our website for now. i guess it’s a scrapbook of stuff that happens in the world of dreams of empire and will stick around longer than a tweet or fb post. how good we’ll be at updating it, who knows. we’ll definitely try x

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