Dreams of Empire

loveable indiepop band from Brighton


End of 2020 special

Dreams of Empire - Andrew and Jane

We’ve put together a 30 minute show for you featuring lots of exclusive Dreams of Empire recordings, including demos, album outtakes and live tracks. Happy New Year 💙

Space Invader video

dreams of empire - space invader video

We’ve just released a video for Space Invader, the opening track from the new album, which you guys seem to be loving.

Listen to “Encapsulation”

Dreams of Empire - Encapsulation CD front cover

Our new album is out now. It’s a 10-track release called “Encapsulation” released on our Duck Race Recording Co label. Here’s how to get hold of it…

Hidden Girl out of hiding

Dreams of Empire - Hidden Girl - video

Our new single “Hidden Girl” is out and here are lots of different ways you can hear it.

New album 6 Nov 2020

Dreams of Empire - Encapsulation

Dreams of Empire will release their second album “Encapsulation” on 6 November 2020

Reflection | noitcelfeR

Dreams of Empire - Reflection

Here’s a new acoustic track we just released that we recorded during lockdown

Broken Keys cassette

Dreams of Empire - Broken Keys cassett

If you love tapes, we’ve released Broken Keys on limited edition cassette tape via our bandcamp page.

Listen to Broken Keys

broken keys - dreams of empire

Take a listen to our latest single Broken Keys via Bandcamp or Soundcloud. Hope you like it 💙

New single 17 April 2020

broken keys by Dreams of Empire

We have a new single out on 17 April, called Broken Keys, our first new material since our album last year.

Drive On, back on

Our first single, “Drive On”, is now available on Spotify and Apple Music in its original mix

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